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AudioEye & Finalsite Working Together to Provide K-12 The Facts

AudioEye and Finalsite invite K-12 schools to learn more about accessible websites and the laws, regulations and guidelines that apply to them.

What is Website Accessibility and Does it Matter to Schools?
Join us Thursday, September 28th at 2:00 PM EST

Get The Facts on:

  • What ADA compliance is, why it matters, and what true accessibility means
  • How digital accessibility is the ramps and rails for access to the digital world
  • What responsibility schools have in 2018 and beyond
  • How to achieve accessibility with technology
  • How AudioEye works with Finalsite to provide schools with a fully compliant website

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Don't miss the next in our series of four co-hosted live webinars with Finaliste.

The Basics of Creating Accessible Web Content
Wednesday, October 25th at 2:30 PM EST

Learn more about:

  • A brief overview of website accessibility
  • Why your school's website and content needs to be accessible
  • Universal design principles for creating accessible content
  • WCAG 2.0 standards, and how to achieve them
  • Common accessibility errors, and how to avoid them
  • How Finalsite and AudioEye's partnership helps districts achieve web accessibility

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About Finalsite

Finalsite is the leader in the k12 Independent and International school vertical, serving more than 2,200 schools and over 1,200 clients world wide with web software, award-winning design, time-saving integrations and expert consulting services

AudioEye provides a comprehensive set of tools that enables digital content providers to create experiences that are more accessible, and more usable, for more people.

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