Make your content more consumable. Improve the usability of people’s digital lives.

AudioEye specializes in fixing accessibility issues with technology.

These solutions are proven, trusted, effective and cost-saving for anyone looking to:

Build accessibility into existing website or web application

Quickly conform to ADA-related standards & best practices

Outsource burden of accessibility to save time and money

Bridge the gap until accessibility issues can be fixed at the source

Starting a new project? Integrate Accessibility from the beginning.
AudioEye offerings range from managed service to self service, and somewhere inbetween. Whether you are new to accessibility or building on an existing accessibility strategy, AudioEye products can help you.
Learn and understand the issues of accessibility. Take action.

Digital Accessibility Platform


Empowers your developers to improve your website’s accessibility by providing tools to automatically scan sites, track accessibility issues, apply fixes, and monitor compliance progress. Manage and maintain your digital accessibility compliance audit process with this cutting-edge SaaS ecosystem.

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Digital Accessibility Platform
WCAG 2.0 Checklists
Fix issues of accessibility. Achieve compliance with WCAG 2.0.



Leverages a balance of system and engineer generated remediation techniques to programmatically fix website problems that do not meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards.

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Beyond Compliance. Web enhancement tools for everyone.

Ally Toolbar


Not everyone needing assistance has access to tools to fully engage and interact with the web — the Ally Toolbar provides free assistive tools that allow the user to customize their experience.

The Ally Toolbar is part of the Ally Package.

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AudioEye Ally Toolbar Reader Icon


Customize the visual display of a website

AudioEye Ally Toolbar Player Icon


Listen to the content of a web page read aloud

AudioEye Ally Toolbar Voice Icon


Command the browser using your voice

AudioEye Ally Toolbar Certification Icon


Show commitment to accessibility and inclusion

AudioEye Ally Toolbar Certification Icon

Help Desk

Reliable support from accessibility experts

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Site Menu

Simplified Navigation

AudioEye Ally Toolbar Page Elements Menu Player Icon

Page Elements Menu

Enhanced Keyboard Support

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Personalized Experience

Custom Projects

With our unique and efficient approach to digital accessibility, AudioEye is regularly engaged to address different digital accessibility challenges. If you have a distinct challenge, AudioEye can be your partner to help.

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Digital Accessibility Platform

  • Automated Testing
  • WCAG 2.0 Conformance Tracking
  • Knowledge Base
  • Audit Against Accessibility Standards
  • Add-on Services


Digital Accessibility Platform
  • Full Site Audit
  • WCAG Conformance / Accessibility Compliance Statements
  • Remediation Reporting

Ally Toolbar

Digital Accessibility Platform Ally
  • Web Enhancement Tools
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Detailed Usage Analytics
Pricing is based on the complexity of your website or web application. Contact a sales team member to learn more about pricing.
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