Solve Accessibility Issues. Enhance User Experience.

AudioEye’s approach to accessibility leverages technology for an innovative solution.

Historically, achieving compliance has been a laborious process reliant on consulting, which can be costly, time-consuming and with minimal business benefit - only focusing on a limited number of disability use cases. Taking a new approach, AudioEye leads with technology, which was developed to assist organizations in making web content, both, accessible and compliant, in the most effective, expedient, and economical manner.

Identify Issues. Apply Fixes. Maintain & Monitor Accessibility.

AudioEye Technology analyzes your website, identifies and fixes accessibility issues, and tracks outstanding errors that require manual intervention.

Utilizing nimble JavaScript
AudioEye dynamically serves, both, automatically and manually generated accessibility fixes to the browser, via a light and unobtrusive JavaScript.
On a daily basis, AudioEye is serving hundreds of millions of fixes to our customer’s end users, making it the most trusted accessibility remediation solution in the world.
Screenshot of AudioEye Digital Accessibility Platform


The AudioEye Digital Accessibility Platform is a stand-alone Product Suite for developers. As an all-inclusive SaaS Platform built to support the compliance auditing process end-to-end, this robust ecosystem features the most advanced automated accessibility testing capabilities, which saves time and money.

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Conforming to WCAG 2.0 has never been easier. The AudioEye solution goes further than any other and not only provides knowledge for accessibility stakeholders, but allows users to Fix issues of accessibility.

Out of the box, when applied to your site, the AudioEye script can automatically fix errors. Additional remediations may be configured and managed from the Platform.

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Screenshot of AudioEye Digital Accessibility Platform Performance Analysis Report
Screenshot of AudioEye Web Personalization Tools


Fixing the web for users of assistive technology is only half the problem - not everyone needing assistance has access to the tools that can improve their ability to fully engage and interact with the web.

The AudioEye Ally Toolbar, supplied for customers embedding the AudioEye Script, provides their users with free assistive tools that make the web easier to use.

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AudioEye technology solves accessibility issues and enhances the user experience, transforming interfaces to be more usable, and more consumable, for more people.

Maintain and validate conformance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA Success Criteria

Deploy cost-effective managed service that is scalable with little to no project management

Provide a universally accessible experience for users with disabilities or impairments

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